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Evestor is a newly created project. We are entrepreneurial people struggling with the same problems as the vast majority of startups. We are developing our project based on our idea: we are improving our tool according to the actual feedback.

We are seeking for new challenges and building our community consists of people who want to bring the change to the world. The Evestor project is created by Kamil Cyrana and Jakub Błaszczyk. We’d like to encourage you to use our project. Thanks for your trust and opportunity for cooperation.
About Us

What is Evestor?

Evestor is a community of people changing the world.

Startup, feedback, investments, networking..

Support for the Startup

  • Individual assistance in finding the right investor
  • Advice on creating a business plan and Pitch Deck
  • Market analysis, rates of return - a dedicated report
  • Assistance in the creation of legal contracts

Support for investor

  • Finding entities for investment - 3 specific investment proposals
  • Business plan documentation analysis -
  • implementation of amendments and document opinion
  • Market analysis, rates of return - a dedicated report
  • Assistance in the creation of legal contracts

Startup with one founder is more likely to fail than the startup with two. Because people who have two different views can create something better, while startup with one founder is limited to the opinion of one person. But before you start looking for a companion, know what you do for your startup and what type of work you would want your partner to do. Look for somebody who will complete you. You want to bring two skill sets to the table, not just double yours. Create a portrait of an ideal partner and start looking.

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People invest in startups for various reasons, from diversifying their portfolio to wanting to change the world. But there is a big risk involved with investing in startups because of high failure rate. On the other hand, success ful startups tend to skyrocket because of the buzz around them and their innovativeness. And to be able to invest in the next big company you need to choose very carefully.

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Starting a startup may seem like a difficult thing to do, especially if you take into account startup failure rate (some say 9 of 10 fail, some say 5 of 10). But if you never try, you will never know if you succeed. And before you start you need to prepare yourself with those 9 things.

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Startups are associated with innovation and failure. Unfortunately, a lot of startups will never launch or fail shortly after the launch due to the lack of experience and mistakes. And many startups lock themselves in a fear that someone will steal their brilliant idea instead of sharing their projects with the online or offline communities to get feedback. When you are on your own even smallest mistakes may seem like they are impossible to solve. But with the help of the community, those mistakes will appear manageable.

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How to delete account?

To delete a account, go to the side menu. Remember, however, about the consequences of deleting the project if you have people involved who are legally bound to you, do the work for you or have found an investor who supported you financially. Then talk to other team members to inform them about the project closure. Each project can be restored by the Evestor administration if we receive specific requests, explanations and legitimate arguments from those involved in the project created by you.

How to create the first project?

To create a project, you must have a Startup user account. Immediately after registration, you have the Dialogue to complete with information about your startup. Remember that the better and more accurately you complete the profile, the more serious you will be.

Is the investor account free?

An investor can browse startups and communicate with the most interesting businesses. The account for users investing in startups is completely free.

How to manage contacts?

My contacts is a section where you build your network of business bindings, most often people with whom you will be interested in cooperating mainly with the team, participants of shared events. In this section you can also delete users and block them, which will eliminate communication between users.

What values ​​does the account give for the Startup?

It gives such possibilities as;  
  • Networking
  • Image promotion social media
  • Displaying the project to investors
  • Small Support in making the content of the presentation
  • Blog article

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