30 May

Startup with one founder is more likely to fail than the startup with two. Because people who have two different views can create something better, while startup with one founder is limited to the opinion of one person. But before you start looking for a companion, know what you do for your startup and what type of work you would want your partner to do. Look for somebody who will complete you. You want to bring two skill sets to the table, not just double yours. Create a portrait of an ideal partner and start looking.

1. Network
If you are involved in some startup communities it is better to start there. And while most members already run a startup, there are also people who want to start a project but don’t have an idea yet. They could the perfect match for you because they for sure are interested in the same things as you and they are ready to dedicate themselves to startup development.

3. Attend local entrepreneur events
People attending events are looking to learn something new and make new contacts. Usually, they are open to new challenges and opportunities. And inviting them to join your startup at such events will most likely end with you having a partner.

4. Consider former co-workers or friends with common interests
Think about people you have something in common to avoid future conflicts. For some people, it is easier to work with somebody they already know. Former co-workers are a great choice because you already worked with the person and know what to expect from them. Friends also could be a good match because people tend to be friends with others who they get along with.

5. Use matching services
But if you are struggling with finding a co-founder, there are a lot of services online available to match you with the perfect partner.
After you finally found the one, don’t forget to negotiate your co-founder’s role. To avoid misunderstanding in future, you need to set conditions of cooperation. A conflict between co-founders can lead to startup failure, that is a pretty common reason, so try to prevent it as soon as possible.

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