30 May

Startups are associated with innovation and failure. Unfortunately, a lot of startups will never launch or fail shortly after the launch due to the lack of experience and mistakes. And many startups lock themselves in a fear that someone will steal their brilliant idea instead of sharing their projects with the online or offline communities to get feedback. When you are on your own even smallest mistakes may seem like they are impossible to solve. But with the help of the community, those mistakes will appear manageable.

Engaging in a community sometimes is a key to success for startups. Because most startup creators are inexperienced in running a business, they are more prone to make easy to avoid mistakes. And the community can help them to learn from other’s missteps. Because startups are so different from each other and grow by tries and errors, networking is a great way to share tips that can give insights on various startup aspects. Engaging in a community will give you valuable knowledge and allow you to exchange experience. Entrepreneurs are very eager to help each other, so they willingly will listen about your projects and give advice on how you can improve. It allows you not only to receive some valuable lessons but also give in return.

Constant contact with other startups allows you to broaden your connections. You can’t know if some of the startups will blow up and give you an opportunity to use that for your benefit. Making a lot of connections will spread the word about you and your startup and possibly lead more customers or investors to you. Engaging in online communities is helpful in reaching people from around the world especially if you target your product globally, provide a service or your product is digital.
Communities are a great place to look for support and recognition. They are always enjoying the success of their members as their own and ready to help when they fall. It gives an opportunity to be part of something bigger than just your enterprise. You will be able to learn, to give, to receive and to gain. A lot of entrepreneurs are stressed because of all the pressure they have by managing their projects themselves. Communities allow them to release some of that pressure by exchanging their struggles and achievements.

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